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Snowed In: What’s a Girl to Do?

January 23, 2016

If I’ve learned anything during the moving process, it’s that doing a little all along is the key to most success. When I think of all I have to do before our movers arrive, I panic; when I do a little all along, it begins to seem doable. My biggest challenge is avoiding distraction. That’s one reason I packed books first. I’ll admit that I have one stack to the side in my “take with me; don’t send with the movers” pile.

The same principle applies to exercise, one area on which Rubin focuses in January. Even though I  know that eating less is more important for weight loss than exercise, I believe in the multiple benefits of exercise, especially aerobic exercise of any kind.  I’ve tried to tell myself that lifting boxes and climbing stairs is sufficient. I’ve heard other people say, “I don’t need to work out. Do you know how much I walk at work?”   It’s not the same thing. Part of the benefit of walking, for me, either in the neighborhood or on the treadmill, is that time set aside when I just read or think or listen to music.

Even when I get tired to sweaty, I alway feel better after thirty minutes or an hour of exercise. As soon as the snow melts enough here to get out and about, I plan to go to the health club and get in a full hour–step machine, weights, and the bicycle. I drink more water when I work out intentionally. When I get home, I’m energized, and I think twice about eating empty calories once I know how many I’ve just burned and how quickly I could undo that benefit.

One tip I’ll add that works for me: It’s that old principle of accountability.  I am more likely to get in my exercise if I have a workout partner.  My friend Claudia and I have been walking together or going to the gym together for years. The walking has given us a chance to talk through raising our children or to discuss what we’re reading now or next. I hope when I get to Nashville, I’ll find someone like Claudia (ha! There is no one like Claudia) to keep me focused on being fit.

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  1. sandyyoung75 permalink
    January 30, 2016 5:16 pm

    True confession time: I don’t have a regular routine of exercise. If I do exercise, I love walking on the treadmill because I can read at the same time. I hate the stationary bike because the seat hurts my fanny, and Frank’s fanny does just fine; therefore, he sees no need to change it. Right now, I can’t even use the treadmill because the bone doctor says it’s not good for my gimpy knee that needs to be replaced soon.

    During the weeks when I’m visiting schools in New Mexico, I get lots of walking done, though, in going from my van to the school. Sometimes it’s a long, long way! But that’s not the kind of exercise that counts. So . . . in January I have failed the exercise goal, I’m afraid.

    Haven’t done very well with the rest and diet either. You see? I had LOTS to confess! Besides all of this, I haven’t done much writing. I started the month great, but as January progressed, my writing regressed. Shame on you, Sandy!!

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