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It’s Monday. Who’s Getting Happy?

January 12, 2016

DSC_0112I’ve heard from lots of my friends who are joining our virtual book club. Today while you’re reading through January and thinking about how to boost energy, take a little time to log on and introduce yourself. (I’m adding a picture of me and my Cuz Sandy, who’s joining us here.)

I think most of you know me: Nancy Posey (one of the Coats girls). I’m living in Hickory, NC, for now, but we plan to move to Nashville, TN, if our house selling and buying ventures work out right.  I love to read, but I enjoy books most when I have the chance to talk about them. I read Happiness Project last year when I was part of a group of colleagues last year trying to avoid negativity at work.

I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. I’ve been a teacher for 25+ years. I write poetry, read voraciously, play the mandolin, and enjoy art and photograph projects. I’m a happy person. I just need to find ways to channel my energy so that I don’t just dabble at the things I like to do.  I want to finish more things I start.

I’ve always been one to keep in touch with friends–long before Facebook. I’m looking forward to bringing together some of my favorite people and your friends to make the most of this year.

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