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Surfing or just keeping my head above water?

July 6, 2010

This summer, I’m participating in Technology Bootcamp, an online course to help educators–particularly community college educators–become more comfortable with all the technology options available and examine ways to use them in our courses.

I’m definitely in the age group identified as Digital Immigrants, but I have certainly found my place in the world. Sure, I depend on my adult children to help me learn to use the gadgets, devices, and programs.  I also really like to read words on paper (so I can make notes).  During this course, several of the readings have been PDF files–portrait pages I am having to read on a landscape screen.  I have seriously considered printing them off so I could underline what strikes me in order to respond on discussion boards later.

My biggest frustration for now is that I really want to spend lots of time reading, responding to my colleagues, playing around with my own blog, experimenting with a Ning.  I also want to read, to make it to the gym for workouts, to visit with my neighbors, to cook for the extended family that has crowded into the house, and I want to practice my mandolin.

Maybe that’s another marker of my generation:  we want it all.

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  1. Melinda permalink
    July 8, 2010 8:28 pm

    Nice blog! I was curious about your pdf file viewing issue. You can view the pdf in a landscape orientation or maybe you need the resolution of your monitor changed. I had similar viewing issues when I got a larger flat panel screen recently, and it took a little adjusting and getting used to.

    Happy computing!!


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